How uric acid accumulates in your body

Uric acid is a chemical compound from nitrogenous metabolism. It is a chemical created when purines break down. Purines can be found in our body's cells or in the food and beverages we consume. That is why it is recommended to watch what we eat and drink. If you are obese - which you can learn more about at, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or lack exercise, you are more at risk of developing symptoms of uric acid build up.

Why does uric acid accumulate in the body? It can happen for a few reasons.

As mentioned, uric acid develops from purine which our body cells produce naturally and it is also in the foods we eat. However, most uric acid accumulates when uric acid does not follow its natural filter process. Uric acid is supposed to travel through the blood to the kidney and get flushed out of the system through urination. If uric acid is not eliminated from the body, it increases in the blood. This creates conflict in the body.

As the uric acid builds up, solid crystals can form in the joints. It can later progress to gout. If gout is not addressed then lumpy deposits on the joints can occur. These lumps are tophi. To learn more about tophi, please refer to what is on this page for additional information.

There are tests that can be performed in a doctor's office to measure your uric acid levels. A trained professional will get a blood sample from you and begin to test it. Later they will tell you if you have excessive amounts of uric acid in your blood. If you test positive, then a treatment can be prescribed by a doctor. However, most treatments are medications and most of them have been linked to negative side effects.  That is why getting a prescription is not always the best option.

The best options on the market are products that have no known side effects. There are dozens of dietary supplements that an help support a healthy immune system and help address the symptoms of gout and uric acid accumulation. To find out more about these options, you can read reviews on products at