White dog tear marks

Did you know that there are hundreds of dogs with light and dark colored fur that can develop tear stains? However, white dogs with tear stains are more visible, since their coats are fare in color. That is why people with white dogs are more concerned to improve the look of their dog’s eye area, then those who have dogs with black or brown fur. Most dogs that have white colored fur include: Shih Tzu’s, Maltese, and Poodles. To see pictures of white dogs with tear stains, refer to sites like http://tear-stain-center.com/tear-stains-on-white-dogs/.

For those who have dogs that just developed eye stains, you may be wondering why they have recently appeared. The most common causes connected to eye stains include: short snouts, clogged tear ducts, shallow eye sockets or allergies (see http://www.vet.utk.edu/dermvet/food-allergy.php for allergy info). All of these factors can cause tears to leak from the eyes and absorbs onto the hair of your dog. Since this area is frequently moist and may not be taken care of right away- bacteria can start to arise. This bacteria makes spots appear near the eyes. They can be brown and red marks that start from the corner of the eyes and end near the cheeks. Trimming hair near the eyes can help reduce the likelihood of hair growing long enough to enter the eyes and catching tears.

What is the best way to improve the look of tear stains on your dog’s facial area? The answer is simple. As technology continues to advance, tear stain supplements are the leading options on the market.  They can dramatically improve the look of eye stains in just weeks. Your white dog will look even cuter, now that their eye stains are diminished. You do not have to worry about cleaning their eyes everyday with warm cloth. Tear stain supplements will work inside- out to make your pet appear healthy and clean near the eyes.

There is no guarantee that all pet products can work effectively to improve the look of your dog’s eye area. Each dog is different and other factors can determine if tear stains can be improved with a tear stain supplement.  However, there are some companies that are proud of their products and they are determined that their product works. Just make sure these manufacturers do not use risky ingredients like Tylosin. To find out more about white dogs and tear stains, please visit http://tear-stain-center.com/.